ARIES Emergency Response Demo

Earthdata conducted an Emergency Response Demonstration Project for FEMA at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey. Airborne Scientific was hired by Earthdata as a consultant, and fulfilled multiple roles on the project including sensor operator, pilot, system integrator, and mission planning.

Airborne Scientific worked with Earthdata over a period of 6 weeks in preparation and for the project. Our primary role during the preparation phase of the project was facilitation of the sensor integration and testing phase of the airborne component, which leveraged our expertise in sensor systems and integrating them into aircraft, aircraft modification/engineering/maintenance, remote sensing data acquisition, and pilotage. The project involved Lidar, medium format Trimble DSS digital camera, and FLIR thermal imagery collections. During the demonstration flight itself, Airborne Scientific personnel flew as system operator responsible for data downlink,  thermal sensor operation, and DSS digital camera operation during the mission. 

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