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Photo Coupler Navigation and Triggering Component

Airborne Scientifics’ PhotoCoupler enables precise automatic camera triggering for complex grid aerial mapping. The PhotoCoupler connects to standard Aviation GPS and automatically and precisely triggers the camera over preprogramed waypoints and sets of waypoints. It also permits easy manual triggering for the pilot, as well as embedding GPS data into Nikon cameras.

Photo Coupler Hardware

  • Connect to any GPS with NMEA-0183 data out capability, such as Garmin portables.
  • “Enable” button to turn on the photo coupler to trigger the camera upon waypoint crossing, turn off ‘enable’ to keep photo coupler from triggering on passing waypoints.
  • Programmable to trigger multiple evenly spaced photos between gps waypoints, effectively permitting very fast camera trigger spacing (up to 0.5 sec per photo) and very large grid flight plans.
  • Manual Trigger Button, for exposing a photo manually, works in both ‘auto’ mode and manual mode.
  • Directly embeds GPS position into the exif data of compatible cameras.
  • Programmable for any shutter delay that your specific camera may have.
  • Very easy to use, simple operation.
  • Accurate, if the waypoints are flown on route, the photo coupler will be more accurate along track than the pilot is laterally.
  • Works with most cameras that use remote electronic trigger. (Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Contax, Mamiya, Phase One)
  • Use for aerial photography or for road guidance and camera triggering.

AccuracyPhotoCoupler Camera Controller

The photo coupler is highly accuracy at triggering the camera on or abeam the preplanned flight plan, much more accurate than the pilot can fly the route laterally. Any latency or delay from your camera can be removed by configuration settings adjustable to the 1/20th second.

Waypoint capacity

The PhotoCoupler has a photo trigger capacity of up to 300,000 photos for the typical Garmin GPS. It relies on the connected GPS for its waypoint inventory and route guidance, but permits triggering from 1 up to 20 photos for each waypoint in the flight plan. So if your GPS can hold 300 waypoints per route, you can flight plan up to 6000 photos per route, as fast as 0.5 sec spacing per photo.

PhotoCoupler Manual