Wide Area Oblique Imagery

Available Worldwide with our Portable Pod

Airborne Scientific has developed a multi-head oblique camera system equipped with an array of 5 digital cameras, 1 pointed straight down (nadir), and 4 more typically looking forward, aft, left and right at 45 degrees from vertical. This sensor system has been integrated into our FAA approved sensor pod which we fly in our own aircraft as well as in international operations in unmodified locally available rental aircraft. We can fly this system at a wide variety of scales, from large scale to small scale. The system produces similar imagery to Microsoft Birds Eye and Pictometry, and we can supply it with more liberal image licensing provisions.

We have extensive experience in these wide area oblique collections, having acquired complete metro coverage of 40 US cities.

We can collect this imagery precisely georeferenced with GPS/IMU orientation data from our direct georeferencing system. We have partners who can provide software for viewing and utilization of this imagery in a variety of formats.


  • Emergency Response Mapping
  • 3D City Models
  • High Resolution Image Viewing
  • OrthoPhotography from the Vertical Camera
  • Tandem with Thermal, Infrared, and Hyperspectral sensors
  • Digital Surface Models