Turnkey Aerial Mapping System - Rent or Buy

Rent or purchase a complete aerial mapping system, ready to attach to a local Cessna 172 or 182. Our complete system includes all components pre-assembled and ready to go.

Included in our Mapping package:

CessnaCam Aircraft Pod FAA STC approved for Cessna 172 and 182
Digital Aerial Camera Typically full frame DSLR with calibrated Lens (e.g. Canon 5D mk II)
OSAC Flight Management System Our complete system including pilot friendly Garmin GPS
Aerial Planning Software QGIS plugin for complete aerial flight planning
Optional Items Available:  
Cockpit Computer For recording imagery and GPS data, setting exposure, flight planning
Precision GPS Reduce requirement for ground control to get accurate georeferenced imagery
Photogrammetry Software Orthophoto, Digital Elevation Model, and 3D mapping production software
Processing Services Photogrammetry processing to create DEM models and orthophotography
Training and Consulting On-site training, training at our facility, or remote training/consulting for your project

Custom sensor solutions are also available, including multiple cameras, different RGB camera options, infrared vegetation cameras, thermal sensors, and hyperspectral sensors

Great Value:

Basic rental package starts at $1985 per month complete

Purchase a complete system starting at $13,850 STC approved for your aircraft