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Aerial Imaging Specialists

Airborne Scientific specializes in aerial data and imagery acquisition in the US Midwest, Alaska, and around the world using our portable sensor pod approved on 75,000 aircraft worldwide.

Vertical Photography

Precision digital photography over any scale and resolution, from continental to a single acre and down to viewing the cracks in the pavement. We can provide RAW unlicensed imagery for your post-processing, or we can create maps, orthophotos, or elevation data.

Oblique Photography

Imagery from a human perspective, ranging from coverage of whole cities to views of a single building, using a range of technologies including hand held gyro stabilized cameras to GPS/IMU controlled arrays of 5 digital mapping cameras mounted in our CessnaCam sensor platform.

Airborne Remote Sensing

We can acquire a variety of data including hyperspectral, multispectral, lidar, thermal, and infrared data around the world using economical locally available aircraft that do not need any special modification for mapping. In house we have natural color and infrared sensors, and we have rental arraignments or partners with the specialized skills to collect unique airborne data. If you already have the remote sensing expertise and only need airborne flight services, we are your answer worldwide.

Video and Surveillance

Using our high definition video camera mounted in our CessnaCam pod, we can collect very economical vertical or oblique video. Remote Sensing Aircraft Rental and Lease We have our own photo aircraft based in the US Midwest and Alaska, as well as partner aircraft around the world. We can also utilize several models of the most common and economical general aviation aircraft found in training and rental fleets in most countries, and convert them into photo and remote sensing aircraft in a matter of hours.

UAV Payload Hosting and Simulation

Our CessnaCam pods can provide an aerial platform for your UAV projects when the UAV is unavailable, such as restrictions to operate in the national airspace, UAV failure or damage, challenging environmental conditions, or other unmanned aerial vehicle limitations. We can operate all over the world with locally available economical aircraft. 

Consulting, Training, and Demonstration Projects

We have been in the aerial acquisition industry for over a decade and combine expertise in flying, aerial pilot training, aeronautical engineering and maintenance, image processing, GPS/IMU direct georeferencing, sensor integration, photography, photogrammetry, and project management. Give us a call if you have an airborne remote sensing challenge that might benefit from our expertise or our equipment.

Aircraft Rental, Lease, and Operations Support for Aerial Data Collection

Airborne Scientific owns 2 mapping capable aircraft based in the Continental United States and 2 based in Homer Alaska. We also utilize an FAA approved CessnaCam sensor pod to convert standard Cessna single engine aircraft into mapping platforms in hours or even minutes, for use worldwide.