Open Source Aerial Camera System

OSAC Aerial Camera SystemThe Open Source Aerial Camera System is a complete vertical aerial photography system. The system includes a digital camera, GPS Photo Flight Management System for survey flight navigation and camera triggering, and cockpit computer system. The camera can be mounted in a conventional aircraft photo port or in the CessnaCam pod, and the computer and nav system permits remote operation of exposure control, image recording and downloading, video capture, viewfinder operation for pilot and operator to see exactly what the camera is viewing, and pilot photo flight navigation. Depending upon the camera option chosen, the system can support full1080 Hi Def video recording. Prices start under $3000 for a complete system, less user supplied Camera, GPS, and Computer. The system is compatible with most small and medium format digital cameras.

CessnaCam Aerial Sensor Pod

The CessnaCam Aerial Sensor Pod is STC approved for installation onto the most prevalent general aviation aircraft in the world, converting stock single engine Cessna's into vertical mapping aircraft in under an hour.