Airborne Scientific collects and produces digital orthophotography utilizing our  digital camera with integrated survey grade gps and inertial measurement unit to maximize accuracy and minimize cost. Orthophotography is aerial photography corrected for lens distortion and terrain relief, and provides the appearance of a photo with the geometric fidelity of a map.

The combined use of survey grade GPS and an inertial measurement unit integrated into the sensor greatly reduces or even eliminates the requirement of costly ground control for orthophotography projects, and can be extremely important for getting quality results over homogeneous terrain, such as forested or tundra Alaska, or water areas.

Advantages of GPS/INS

  • Major cost savings by reduction or elimination of costly ground control.
  • Improved processing efficiency for collection of Aerotriangulation and Ground Control.
  • Capability of excellent accuracy even in remote or inaccessible areas.
  • Excellent accuracy in corridor, spot, or single strip applications.

High Resolution and Deliverables

Orthophotography produced by our digital system also takes advantage of all the advantages of digital over scanned film mentioned in the aerial photography page.

We can collect and produce very high resolution orthophotography, up to 5cm GSD (Ground Sample Distance) resolution. Imagery, mosaics, and tiled scenes can be delivered in a variety of formats including geotiff, ecw, jpeg2000, pix, and others. We can also accommodate your datum and projection requirements, including State Plane, UTM, and local.