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We have a variety of equipment available for your project

CessnaCam Sensor Pods

The CessnaCam is FAA approved on all models of fixed gear Cessna 172's, 182's, 170's, and 180's. The CessnaCam is the only aerial sensor pod with such a wide approval range, and one of the very few legal external sensor pods that exist at all. This allows us to conduct aerial mapping projects all over the world.


We operate 3 of our own aircraft in addition to many partner aircraft. We have a Cessna C172 equipped with a CessnaCam based in the Kansas City area but available for work around North America. We also have a C172 based in Homer Alaska equipped with for work anywhere in Alaska.

Additionally, we own and operate a Piper Aztec with a full size 22" aerial camera port for large format sensors or larger payloads.

Aerial Camera Systems

We have a variety of commercial and custom sensors. Our custom designed multi-head digital camera system features an array of 5 digital cameras which can be used for oblique and vertical natural color and infrared collections.

Video Cameras

We have a high definition full frame video camera for use in both olique and vertical formats. Our kenyon gyro-stabilized mount smooths video and still imagery for oblique and vertical acquisitions.

Precise Positioning

GPS/IMU Direct Georeferencing equipment from Novatel

Dual frequency differential GPS from Novatel and Navcom

Novatel / Waypoint Consulting GrafNav GPS post-processing software and Inertial Explorer IMU processing software

Flight Management

Track'air Xtrack flight management system, and our own GPS photo flight management systems

Custom 3 Axis Pointable Gimbal

We have designed and manufactured our own gimbal for use in the CessnaCam pod. This gimbal permits continuous roll, pitch, and yaw adjustment for vertical and oblique imaging and video. The gimbal has a range of motion of approximately 45 degrees from vertical in all directions, along with approximately 270 degrees of roll.

Image Processing and Photogrammetry

Aerial triangulation, automatic tie-point matching, bundle adjustment, orthophoto production, orthophoto mosaic, and DEM extraction.