Basic Camera Mount

The basic camera mount provides simple and convenient mounting of a small or medium format camera into the CessnaCam Pod. Shock and vibration are eliminated from typical 2 to 15 lbs payloads such as most DSLR cameras or other sensors. The pitch, roll, and yaw are adjustable on the ground, but not in flight.


CessnaCam Basic Camera Mount

  • Simple and low cost
  • Ground adjustable for Pitch, Roll, and Yaw
  • Eliminates vibration for tack sharp photos, using fiber- reinforced rubber or wire rope loops depending on payload weight
  • Cameras install and remove in seconds
  • Ground adjustable to easily position camera above optical port, adjusting for lens height and different camera models



Photo shows the Basic Camera Mount with a small format DSLR camera installed. A bubble level is shown placed upon the camera to adjust pitch and roll. Fiber re-inforced rubber straps provide vibration and shock damping to this camera, heavier cameras use wire rope loops for damping. Slotted tracks and mounting brackets allow simple adjustment and positioning for most sizes of cameras and lens lengths.