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Alaska Immersive Property Exploration

A client with a multi-hundred acre remote Alaska property wanted to be able explore his property for future development. Although hiking the property was very useful, it was extremely difficult due to the presence of hundreds of downed trees from Spruce Bark Beetle kill and swampy areas. Exploring the property using existing online photography and maps was also useful, but did not yield much detail and not in true 3D perspective. We suggested high resolution stereoscopic coverage of his property at several scales for a fully immersive examination of his property.

We were able to collect aerial photography in a few minutes of flying over his property with quick image processing after landing. With paired printouts in hand and an inexpensive stereo viewer to review them, he proceeded to have a look. Viewing this imagery is like being in an invisible or glass bottom helicopter which can rise up for a spectacular overview, or drop down to any area for a very detailed examination with full depth perception. However, even better than what one would see using the naked eye from above the scene, the vertical exaggeration of the scene can be expanded to make the little drainages appear like the Grand Canyon, the very subtle rolling terrain jump out like the Alaska Range, and details of individual tree branches apparent. This highly detailed stereo 3D viewing capability makes examining property for development, erosion, topography, drainage, vegetation, siting structures, and many other applications extremely effective.

The client in this case viewed his property using photographic prints of our stereo imagery and a low cost ($15-$150) stereoscopic viewer. Other options include viewing the stereo imagery on a personal computer using a variety of viewing aids, and the ideal method is using a new 3D HD TV for a fully immersive experience.


Oblique view of Alaska property site.

2.5 Dimensional sample imagery. True 3D imagery has actual depth perception, not simulated 3D in a 2D view like this imagery.