Photo Aircraft Rent/Support

Airborne Scientific can provide aerial survey and photography aircraft rental, leasing, and operations support around the world. We can utilize our own Cessna aircraft based around the Continental US and Alaska,  or one of our partners beyond North America.

The CessnaCam can accommodate many sensor systems, including medium and small format aerial cameras, smaller lidar systems such as Riegl and Optech Orion, multi-head or multi-array camera systems, hyperspectral, multi-spectral, thermal, and many other systems including custom systems with a sensor head weight of up to 60 lbs. The CessnaCam enables using an aircraft of opportunity, or an economical local aircraft near the project site for data collection.

We can also support large format mapping cameras that might be too large for the CessnaCam in our Piper Aztec aircraft modified with a 22" camera port for locations in North America.