Aerial Photography

We collect natural color, infrared, or black and white aerial photography utilizing an all digital workflow to maximize image quality. We can take vertical as well as oblique imagery from our aircraft. Our imaging system can be used on our own aircraft or internationally on local general aviation rental aircraft.

Advantages of Digital Imagery

Without the added expense of purchasing, developing, and scanning conventional aerial film, and the labor and time saved, your costs are significantly reduced and better quality is obtained. Direct capture of digital imagery avoids noise and graininess introduced in the film scanning process, as well as improving image quality with better shadow detail. Delivery turnaround is also very rapid, with initial imagery available on disk minutes after a flight, and final fully optimized and processed imagery available in a matter of hours or days.

Benefits of Digital Aerial Imagery

  • Low noise and graininess compared to scanned film
  • Enhanced radiometric resolution, 12 bit vs 8 bit, for great detail in shadows.
  • Improved tolerance for cloudy or less than ideal weather conditions.
  • No geometric degradation effects related to film warping or distortion.
  • Eliminates cost of film, film development, and digital scanning.
  • Rapid turnaround and delivery, imagery available minutes after landing.

Radiometric Resolution and Formats

Our camera system collects 12 bit radiometric resolution per color channel, as compared to at most 8 bit for scanned film. We can deliver digital imagery to you in most formats, including camera RAW, tiff, jpg, png and others, in both 8 bit and 16 bit formats. Hardcopy prints or enlargements can also be provided.