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Open Source Aerial Camera System

Affordable Aerial Photography

The OSAC system leverages off the shelf components with our custom core components to assemble a fully capable aerial photo and video system for collecting vertical imagery. The modular system ties together a Garmin GPS receiver for flight-line navigation and camera waypoint triggering, a Canon EOS camera for outstanding imagery, and a tablet or notebook computer for exposure control, through the lens live viewing, recording and downloading imagery, and reviewing collected imagery in flight.

Comparison Chart

Details on Navigation and Triggering




Use our Custom Qgis Flight planning tool for planning flights

Use our Quantum GIS based Aerial mapping flight planning tool layout and design your project. QGIS is a full featured free open source software package ideal for mapping and aerial photography.

Alternatively, Use Google Earth or any mapping software to identify the geographic region of interest (ROI) for your project.

Input the geographic coordinates of the ROI into the waypoint photocenter spreadsheet, along with the properties of your camera, The spreadsheet produces all of your flight line strips or grid photocenters, and then open this waypoint file for GPS route planning


The route planning software presents a map of your project area with all camera triggering points shown on the map. Customize the route for the way that you want to fly the project.
Upload the Photocenters and route to your GPS, and fly the route letting your GPS trigger your camera precisely over each waypoint.
OSAC installation with PhotoCoupler, GPS, Camera

The system installs extremely easily. Use the included harness to connect your camera and GPS to the Photo Coupler Controller. Mount the Photo Coupler controller to your GPS or another convenient location accessible to the photographer, and plug the system into a 10-32 volt DC cigarette outlet, or custom power source.


Garmin Area GPS with Photo Coupler

A variety of GPS receivers are availalbe for use with the Navigation and Triggering System.




Integrates Off the Shelf Components Inexpensive, Modular, Expandable
Canon EOS Cameras (optional Nikon, medium format) Outstanding Image Quality, Fast Cycle Times, HD Video Capable, Large Lens Selection
Garmin Aviation GPS Portables Familiar to Pilots, Easy to Learn and Program
Photo Coupler Geographic Triggering Spot Shots, Flight Line Triggering, Area Block Collection
12 - 28 Volt Power Supply and UPS (optional) Powers Complete System with Battery Back-up
PC or Mac Cockpit Computer (optional) Abundant Software, Data Recording, Exposure Control, Image Checking, Live View of Ground
Camera/Lens Geometric Calibration Available (optional) Photogrammetric and Orthophoto Capable


Configure and Price Complete System OR Basic System