CessnaCam Pod

Basic Camera Mount

The basic camera mount provides simple and convenient mounting of a small or medium format camera into the CessnaCam Pod. Shock and vibration are eliminated from typical 2 to 15 lbs payloads such as most DSLR cameras or other sensors. The pitch, roll, and yaw are adjustable on the ground, but not in flight.


CessnaCam Basic Camera Mount

Airphoto Training, Consulting, and Demonstrations

Are you interested in developing your own aerial data collection capabilies or expanding what you have? (Costa Rica Case Study)

Could you benefit from consulting from experienced aerial surveyors with broad technical capabilities including flying and flight instructor qualifications, aircraft engineering and licensed aircraft mechanic, GPS/IMU integration and processing, photography, project management, and photogrammetry experience? (ARIES Case Study)

Costa Rica Hyperspectral and Natural Color Hi-Res

Airborne Scientific was hired by NASA to collect natural color aerial imagery and hyperspectral imagery for multiple applications in Costa Rica, as well as demonstrate the utility of the CessnaCam sensor pod and OSAC digital aerial camera to a variety of interested groups from the Costa Rican government and industry.

CessnaCam Airborne Sensor Pod

Airborne Scientific's CessnaCam is a fully portable underbelly sensor/camera pod approved for use on Cessna 172, 182, 170, and 180 series aircraft. This pod enclosure is suitable for small and medium format camera systems including 5 camera oblique systems, compact lidar systems, thermal systems, and custom sensor systems. The pod requires no modification to the airframe and utilizes existing inspection covers for cable and control connections.

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