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CessnaCam Installed GPS Navigation and Triggering System Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing

The CessnaCam Sensor Pod is an FAA approved portable enclosure providing 4800 cubic inches of sensor space with an optical port on the bottom allowing the user to mount vertical and oblique cameras, lidars, scanners, or many other sensor systems on unmodified Cessna aircraft. more

  • Removable, Needs no A/C Modification
  • FAA STC approved Cessna 172, 182, 170
  • Digital Cameras, Scanners, Lidars, etc.
  • 6" Diameter Port or 18.5" x 8.5" Port

The Open Source Aerial Camera System (OSAC) is a very economical solution to connect off the shelf digital cameras with a laptop computer and a Garmin GPS to enable flight line navigation, data recording, exposure control, and geographic camera triggering for a complete aerial mapping solution. more

  • Inexpensive, Modular, Expandable
  • Off the Shelf DSLR or Medium format Camera(s)
  • Garmin GPS Navigation and Triggering

Airborne Scientific can assist you in acquiring airborne remote sensing data worldwide. Our expertise with aircraft and sensors combined with the CessnaCam system permits us to leverage locally sourced aircraft for remote sensing data acquisition efforts at an exceptional price point. more

  • Use Local Unmodified Aircraft
  • Available Internationally
  • Cost Effective Acquisition